The Story of a Bard and a Rogue CHAPTER 2

Nαι ξέρω πάει καιρός από τότε που έγραψα το πρώτο κεφάλαιο της ιστορίας αλλά δυστυχώς όταν ξεκινησα αυτό το εγχείρημα δεν περίμενα να χρειαστεί τόσες φορές γράψιμο και σβήσιμο και ξανά πάλι. Μετα από ενα μεγάλο διάλειμμα λοιπόν είναι έτοιμο!

The Story of a bard and a rogue
Chapter 2 : Prophecy

 Vale and Samuel were dragged by force from the plane of Fire back to the Material plane. They found themselves in a dungeon bound in magic circles ,unable to move, and two evil clerics were there there. One half-orc man bearing the unholy symbols of the god of destruction , Rovagug, and a woman with symbols of the mother of demons, Lamashtu.
 They seemed to be preparing for a ritual in order to drain Vale and Samuel's newfound powers for their own fowl purposes. Thus the ritual started but soon after that the dungeon's door opened and in came a flamboyantly dressed gnome bearing an ornated  glaive and an elf carrying a bow crafted by some kind of red wood. With their help they defeated the clerics, got off their bonds and fled the dark place. Τhey escaped the dungeon  quite easily and once they fot out they found out that an entire orc patrol was stationed there .Now only their corpses remained there obviously left there by their saviours. A few yards away the gnome and the elf had left their mounts and with these they carried Vale and Samuel away.
 After their escape and once they were in a safe distance their saviours introduced themselves. The gnome was archbishop Pindle Finberry, of Shelyn's Temple in the city of Vigil. The elf's name was Jatha Ventoth and he was a paladin,from the elven kingdom of Kyonin,  in the service of the goddess Iomedae. Pindle told them that he was studying some ancient texts concerning a prophecy made countless ages ago. The cryptic texts noted that a pair of chosen heroes would be found at that exact place in the Holds of Belzken, a savage land ruled by orc warlords, and at that exact time. As soon as he found that out he employed his paladin firend to join him in his mission to find these heroes.
 They crossed borders and headed towards Vigil, the capital city of Lastwall. Pindle assured them that they were welcome to stay at his temple for as long they would like to. Then after Vale and Samuel had rested the archbishop told them that they were honored to be invited by the king himself for breakfast along with the royal family. The king was curious to get to know these heroes of such an ancient prophecy. Our heroes though weren't prepared for a meeting with a king. Their clothes were burnt and torn and their armors and weapons weren't in a better condition. Thus Pindle escorted them to all sorts of tailors and other merchants where at his own expense Vale and Samuel were outfitted as noblemen. Also they visited the blacksmiths and armorers of Vigil to order new weapons and armors to replace the ones ruined in their previous battles.
 The dawn of the new day found Vale and Samuel readying for their meeting with the king and come morning Pindle came to escort them to the palace, as he was a guest of the king as well. They reached the palace and the guards led them to the dining hall. There sat the king of Lastwall at the head of the table , surrounded from left and right by his wife and five daughters. Vale and Samuel introduced themselves upon arriving and soon after they had started to eat and drink Vale begun narrating their story. He was not able to finish his tale though for a man appeared suddenly at the hall. He wore heavy armor but his military gear did not make him look less noble. After taking a quick look at Pindle and the king's new guests he started to speak in an angry manner but without showing any signs of disrespect to anyone who was present. Apparently Pindle and Jatha's coming to the rescue of Vale and Samuel had aggravated the orcs of Belzken and according to scouts' reports the savage orcs had began to mobilize against Lastwall. He believed that alla that talk about prophecies belonged to fairy tales and the sort , a thing he did not hesitate to mention.
 Our heroes were shocked to find that their being alive had cost already a lot to the people of this country. Pindle disagreed with the general and defended the heroes and noted that their existence was pivotal to defending against a great disaster that was yet to come. The general smirked before saying these exact words “Then the heroes should prove their worth to the king and to the people. I challenge you to a bet: you will go to the country of Ustalav , in the cursed lands of Virlych at the fortress of Gallowspire and there you will find and slay the Whispering Tyrant who lies deep in its dungeons so that these lands can be at last be cleansed from his evil influence.”